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Risk management and consulting at a glance

  • We work as an outsourced insurance department for clients acting solely on their behalf.

  • We devise risk management strategies that empower clients to take the right decisions.

  • We offer full transparency to facilitate future insurance planning and ensure that clients’ financial resources are invested in the best possible way.

  • We handle and co-ordinate all claims in order to protect client interests.

  • We provide our clients with updated policy summaries on a regular basis.

  • We ensure that all contracts are adjusted to reflect latest company developments.

Our specialities:

Life Science
Clinical Trials
Industrial production
Private and business aviation
Service industries
Employee benefits

Your insurance specialists for life sciences

Our team is one of the few specialists in Switzerland who have many years of experience in supporting customers in the life science sector (biotechnology, implantology and pharmaceuticals). In order to always be up to date with the latest developments in this area, we are a member of the Swiss Biotech Association. Through close cooperation with specialized insurance companies, we are able to develop solutions for our customers in this area worldwide. Thanks to this exceptional expertise, our customer base now includes numerous medium-sized and large companies. Today we are one of the leading Swiss life science insurance specialists.

Your insurance specialist for clinical trials

Clinical trials experience on a world-wide basis

We manage numerous clinical trials world-wide. Different international legal regulations make this extremely complicated and time consuming.

Sometimes we need to contact the relevant local authorities to ensure that they are not asking for insurance cover that cannot be provided by the insurance industry.

In spite of the complexity of insuring clinical trials, the necessary cover certificates often need to be provided at short notice. It frequently happens too that the authorities request certificate changes shortly before a trial is scheduled to start.

Our excellent relationship with specialist underwriters combines with our experience to ensure we save our clients’ valuable time. This enables them to focus on the important matter of managing their clinical trials.

Your insurance specialist for industrial production

Whatever you produce, you’ll enjoy great service from us

From our very early days, we’ve been servicing manufacturing companies of all kinds. From automotive sup-pliers to specialist paper manufacturers, we’ve worked with them all. Clients such as these have been relying on our know-how for many years.

We help to identify your risk exposures, provide multi-national insurance solutions and ensure your claims are taken care of in the best professional manner.

Your insurance specialists for private and business aviation

Safety first. Together with international partners, we also advise customers on insuring their aircraft and can offer attractive solutions.

We have practical experience from the cockpit, whether it’s a Piper Archer, Cessna 172, Pilatus PC-12 or PC-24 – we insure your aircraft.

Your insurance specialist for service industries

Everything you’ll ever need

The service industries sector is still growing and offers a wealth of possibilities as we look to the future.

For many years we’ve been advising and actively supporting law firms, civil engineers, real estate companies, high quality restaurants and hotels, as well as highly specialised consulting firms.

Your insurance specialist for employee benefits

If you wish to attract the best talent to your company, you need to ensure you offer attractive employee benefits as an important element of the compensation package overall. We specialise in advising on all aspects of accident, sickness and old age pension insurance and can lead you through the jungle of Swiss social insurance law. We provide you with the best possible advice from the outset – so you know your financial resources are invested in the best interests of both your company and your employees.

Employee benefits for multinationals
Perhaps you are planning to send some of your employees abroad? Or you intend to establish a subsidiary company in another country? Since social insurance law differs depending on the territory and jurisdiction, you need informed advice from experienced specialists.

Working closely with our network partners, we can support your company to optimise employee benefits solutions that meet local requirements.

Our experts

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Arnold Adolf
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